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Guide to Clean Atmos


We provide you or your business the training and guide you step by step on your Carbon Neutrality journey, eventually making you Clean Atmos certified. Getting Clean Atmos certified not only helps the environment but also helps your business run more efficiently and increases value for customers and investors.

Process & Services

Carbon Neutrality journey begins with first understanding and calculating your carbon footprint, then reducing it by making your business carbon efficient and then offsetting remaining emissions by supporting external emission reduction projects.


Provide training to help you understand how you can help yourself and the environment, be cool by helping planet stay cool


Accurately measure carbon footprint,  giving you a baseline to track future progress


Set Science-Based Targets to reduce your carbon emissions, eventually making you Carbon Neutral


Provide guidance and help you reduce your carbon emissions. Also includes Carbon Insetting 


Purchase offsets to finance verified projects which not only reduce carbon emissions but also meet sustainable development goals


Once you are Carbon Neutral, get Clean Atmos certified. Also get other regulatory disclosures and certifications as needed for your business


Get the word out to get more attention throughout your Carbon Neutrality journey. It helps you as well as inspires others 


Maintain your Clean Atmos certification to remain Carbon Neutral and keep improving.


Carbon Neutrality not only helps climate change and environment sustainability but also unlocks a lot of other benefits. 


Increased revenue with sustainable products and services


Reduced cost due to reduction in carbon footprint


Increased engagement with existing customers, investors and employees


Increased recognition in your industry attracting new customers, investors and talent

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