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Company vision is to achieve a cleaner atmosphere by providing solutions to reverse climate change.

Clean Atmos was formed to fight against our planet's biggest threat of the century - Climate Change. After been through various climate change impacts, such as floods, hurricanes and weather changes with extensive heat, Clean Atmos was founded in Houston, Texas. As the Oil and Gas industry and Houston overall gears up to take responsibility to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, Clean Atmos is ready to help. 

Aerial View of Islands
Green Indoors


To protect environment by reducing carbon footprint and improve living conditions of people, animals and plants.

We educate, measure, set targets, reduce and offset the carbon footprint for individuals and businesses. Carbon offsetting is done by funding projects which reduce carbon emissions and offer social benefits. We help businesses communicate their climate action and inspire others.

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Provide proven solutions consistently. Always dependable.


Ensure honesty in all our actions. Always do the right thing.


Our actions are clear, communications are open. Always accountable for what we do. 


Deliver timely and lasting solutions. Always give our best. 

Meet The Team


Ruta Ajgaonkar

I am the founder and CEO of Clean Atmos. Being a mother of two, I am passionate about reversing climate change and helping keep the environment clean for the future generations. 

I have a Bachelor's in Information Technology, Master's in Business Administration and Diploma in GHG Measurement, Reporting & Verification.


Parth Pathak

I am the co-founder and Advisor for Clean Atmos. I have more than 15 years of experience in the Oil & Gas and Automotive Industry. This is my step towards moving in the direction of Carbon Neutrality and helping make a societal and environmental impact. 

I have a Bachelor's and Master's in Mechanical Engineering and I am a certified Professional Engineer.

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