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We provide strategies and services to help reduce Carbon Footprint to meet the set Targets.  

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Reducing Consumed Energy Emissions

We help you with assessing your energy consumption at various sources and provide you with guidance on how to reduce it. 

For emissions contributed due to your electricity consumption, we sell REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) which ensures green energy is utilized for your power needs. We also sell Thermal REC, or RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) certificates which ensures all gas consumption is from renewable or biogenic source. 

Each REC is one MegaWatt power generated by a renewable energy source, such as wind, solar and biogas, which is added to the North American Grid. Purchasing an REC is the most common and effective way of 100% powering with renewable energy. 

Reducing Scope 1 & 3 Carbon Emissions

We will review your scope 1 and 3 carbon emission sources and identify the "hotspots" which are major contributors to your Carbon Footprint. We will provide various innovative solutions to reduce emissions at these hotspots and guide you along the way as you implement these solutions and changes. Majority of these solutions also result in increased efficiency and cost reductions along with reducing your GHG emissions and taking you one step further towards Carbon Neutrality.

Carbon Insetting

Carbon Insetting is slightly different than Carbon Offsetting. This is an innovative approach where the company's investment to reduce emissions is within its own value chain. This is typically to reduce Scope 3 emissions. 

We will help you identify and develop Carbon Insetting projects which can add value to your supply chain while reducing emissions. Insetting helps build a strong reputation of your company as an environmental leader. 

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