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We provide measurement tools and services to accurately identify carbon footprint, be it for a process, a product, an event, a particular group or the entire business organization.

We help you map your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions to understand the complete footprint. 

Overview of scopes and emissions across a value chain per GHG protocol 

Greenhouse Gases

Scope 1


Company Assets

Company Transportation

Facility Emissions

Scope 2


Purchased electricity, energy used

Scope 3


Leased assets

Office Commute

Purchased  & Capital goods

Energy, Fuel related

Shipping & Distribution

Outsourced services

Waste Disposal

Business Flights

Scope 3


Leased assets


Sold product processing

Sold product usage

Shipping & Distribution

Sold product end of life treatment





Corporate Carbon Footprint

We will help to accurately measure organization's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in accordance with international standards such as GHG protocol and ISO 14064. This includes measurement of various emissions throughout the value-chain process of the organization including:  

  • Direct emissions, also known as Scope 1, which occur from sources that are owned or controlled by the company

  • Indirect emissions, also known as Scope 2 - which can be attributed to the generation of purchased energy, such as electricity, heat and steam; and Scope 3 - which allows for all other emissions in the upstream and downstream activities which are neither owned or controlled by the company, such as employee commute to sold product usage.

Benefits of Carbon Footprint Services

1. Recurring checks

After initial measurement, we will update calculations as you set targets and reduce emissions

2. Reduce Costs

During initial measurements we will identify sources of high GHG emissions, which can be targeted for substantial cost savings

3. Benchmark for strategy 

We can also offer benchmarking services to evaluate how your company performs in comparison to others, which can be useful for strategy development

4. Minimizes efforts

Our experts will work with you such that you can focus on your core business and we will take care of carbon accounting for you.

5. Start carbon neutrality journey

Footprint service is your first substantial step, with us, you will be on the smooth ride to carbon neutrality

Corporate CFP


Raw Material



Product Carbon Footprint




  1. Customer preference towards Carbon neutral products

  2. Identify carbon hotspots in your business

  3. Cost Reduction

Product Carbon Footprint or

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life cycle assessment is a method to evaluate the total GHG emissions throughout the life cycle of a product or service, beginning from its raw material extraction thru manufacturing and use until its end of life disposal or recycle. 


We will calculate the product carbon footprint in accordance with international standards such as the GHG protocol standard for product life cycle accounting and reporting, ISO 14067 and PAS2050.

LCA helps you calculate the complete environmental impact of your product or service and helps uncover opportunities to optimize product performance while reducing resource utilization. This often results in improved efficiencies and cost reductions while reducing GHG emissions.

Product LCA

Third Party Verification 

If you have already calculated your carbon footprint, our certified experts can verify and ensure they are in accordance with international standards.

Whether you let us verify or measure your carbon footprint, you will be recognized as Clean Atmos Measured company.

Networking Event

Event Carbon Footprint

Make events more attractive to your invitees by making them Carbon Neutral. First step would be measuring the carbon footprint of the event.

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