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We provide various educational services that help your team understand and get aligned to set common goals which mitigate climate change and benefit your business as well.  


On-Site Training Sessions and Seminars

We provide experts to teach on your office premises to maximize the benefits of face-to-face communications and interactive training. These are important to engage employees and raise awareness of climate change issues and how it affects businesses.


These sessions can be introductory or advanced level as required. We can also customize the training for your team members to make it more relevant.

Online Webinars and Courses

We can arrange online training webinars which can be attended live in the comfort of your office or home. Webinar recordings will also be provided to view at leisure.

We can provide you with training videos and presentation material which can be used for your internal knowledge sharing and creating awareness.

Working from Home

Clean Atmos Certificate Courses

If you or your team members are interested in certain areas such as carbon accounting or carbon management, we provide multi-day certificate courses to boost your knowledge and gain mastery for climate issues and solutions for your professional activities. 

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