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W's of Communication


  • Engage your key stakeholders, customers, investors

  • Engage employees

  • Attract talent, new funds

  • Industry recognition

  • Inspire others 


  • After company decides to act

  • Carbon footprint measured 

  • Targets set

  • Climate action planned

  • Thru out the Carbon Neutral journey, spread across evenly thru the year


  • Carbon footprint

  • Targets

  • Climate action plan

  • Carbon reductions

  • Carbon Neutrality


  • Clean Atmos website 

  • Company website

  • Marketing products

  • Social media

  • Meetings, webinars and conferences

  • Tendering and sales meetings

  • Business reports


Throughout your Carbon Neutrality journey, we will help you to communicate your Climate Action, Efforts and Successes to gain recognition with your stakeholders and customers.

Sky Scrapers

Communication is key

We provide services to help emphasize your climate targets, actions and success to customers, investors and employees via various avenues. We provide communication strategy and content that can be published on annual business reports. This can be presented by your business leaders at public events.  We provide you appropriate Clean Atmos certification logos for advertising your status in the Carbon Neutrality Journey. 

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