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We provide high quality carbon reduction credits which can be purchased to compensate the unavoidable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Balanced Carbon Footprint

Carbon Emissions

Carbon Offsets

Voluntary Carbon Offsetting

Reducing GHG emissions is vital to your climate action plan, but these strategies are long term and it is nearly impossible to completely eliminate emissions. Carbon offsetting is the way to compensate for your carbon emissions immediately. 


Clean Atmos offers carbon credits from carbon reduction and removal projects which are carefully selected to ensure it meets highest carbon offset standards and are third party verified. When you purchase these credits, you take immediate action on your direct and indirect GHG emissions, by supporting these projects. 

Carbon Offsets

Meet immediate carbon reduction targets

Addresses Scope 1 & 3 Emissions

Achieve Net Zero Emissions 

Forestry and Wetland Conservation

Increase tree plantation and improve forest management which increases carbon stored within trees and soil also helping communities and wildlife. 

Renewable Energy 

Generation of electricity using solar, wind or hydro reducing carbon emissions compared to fossil fuel generated.

Landfill Gas Capture

Capture and convert methane gas from garbage on landfills to  power by burning it in generators. 

Farm Power

Convert animal waste on farms to power by using anaerobic digester. This also reduces pollution and generates organic fertilizers.


Manufacturing process changes which reduce carbon emissions

Clean Atmos Project Criteria

We at Clean Atmos screen and select the projects based on various criteria. Listed below are main criteria that our projects meet. 


Methods to evaluate emission reductions from the project are rigorous and conservative which meet offset standards


Emission reductions and methods are assured by qualified third party review to  confirm offsets are genuine



Carbon credits are issued, tracked and retired on a third party public registry​


Projects we finance would not have been achieved without the funding from carbon credit sales

Sustainable Development Goals

Projects also offer additional SDGs as defined by UN having environmental and social benefits 

Social Benefits

Our projects not only help to reduce emissions but also have immediate benefits for our community. 

Tree Plantations

Trees improve quality of life, air and feel. Greener cities are better cities. 

Less Waste

All garbage from landfill and farms is put to good use and prevent pollution

Local Jobs

These projects generate local jobs and employ people helping to empower them

Cleaner Air

All these projects help clean the air you breathe which improves health 

Carbon Offset Standards

Carbon credits we offer are validated and registered on international standards such as Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, Climate Action Reserve or American Carbon Registry. Every credit you invest guarantees measurable, permanent, and immediate impact on the environment.

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